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Value of movement assessments for trainers

Using the Move Check artificial intelligence platform, we are able to evaluate 6 patterns of human movement. These movements are the foundation of day-to-day activities and will allow you to properly execute your workout. Thanks to technology, Aictive has implemented movement assessment. This movement assessment lets us record and detect the adequacy of our movements, […]


3 steps to properly execute squats

A squat is a highly functional exercise, because it is part of your daily life, being similar to standing up or sitting down on a chair, or bending down to pick up something heavy from the floor. In training, a squat is used as a push pattern, which will be necessary to jump, run, and […]


Why do we evaluate push-ups?

Move Check assesses a series of movement patterns and functional exercises such as push-ups, but, what is a push-up? A push-up is an exercise consisting of a motion in which you lift-up or push your body up from the ground, and its execution allows us to evaluate several of our body’s structures and functions. A […]


Benefits of assessing movement patterns

We are active beings, who are in constant movement. Each time that we move, our bodies do so based on an intention or purpose, that is to say, a function. For this reason, when conducting a movement assessment, we must understand that the concept of functionality will be the result of the interaction of our […]


Movement and Artificial Intelligence: Aictive proposal

We are active beings, and we live in movement, although this feature of ours has been fading out with evolution: changes in workplace activity and our routines have favored deficient and repetitive movements, along with sedentariness, a condition that facilitates the occurrence of muscle-skeletal injuries. Movement assessments provide useful information to identify and quantify any motor […]


How to prevent workplace sedentariness?

Occasionally, our physical health is neglected while we are working. With this in mind, Aictive gives you some tips to help you fight against workplace sedentariness and to help you realize that keeping your mind and body in harmony during your workday is easier than you think. Walk, or use healthy means of transportation to […]

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